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We will draw 2 who each get a FREE Quiltmania Agenda 2016 among those who shop in-stock items via our webcatalog for min Euro 46 (per shopping time) through 5th October:-)

Lapp-Elisa Quilts is always open Thursday and Friday 11-17, give me a call or mess me at +46(0)702044099 if you need to come any other time:-))


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2nd October: More lovely Judith Eknes design patterns in October news:-)

1st October: More fun and handy items and back in stock:-)

30th September: Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched collections and more on bolts in September news!

29th September: Latest Quiltmania magazin, Quiltmania 2016 calendar and more fabrics on bolts:-)

25th September: Fun news and back in stock in September news now!

24th September: Some Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell fabrics back in stock, new Judith Eknes design patterns, lovely fall fabrics:-)

23rd September: Check fabulous Lynn Krawczyk fabrics and strip roll in September news now:-)

22nd September: Grey is Queen - new lovely grey fabrics mixbundle!

21st September: Cosiest new Christmas fabric bundles!

18th September: Latest MyQuilt and Magic Patch magazines are in September news now:-)

17th September: Solblritt & Maria design patterns are back in stock:-)

16th September: Cool Modern Mini's panels design Lori Holt!

15th September: New backing fabrics and Sew Vintage and La Vie Boheme on bolts:-)

10th September: More Christmas - fabrics and books:-)

9th September: Under the Mistletoe bundles by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched:-)

8th September: Wine, cats and orchid fabrics on bolt!

5th September: All My Dots fabricbundles in September news!

3rd Sepbember: Beautiful Modern Mini's fabricbundles design Lori Holt in september news today:-)

We're doing an incentive campaign at Lapp-Elisa Quilts and EVERY MONTH we will draw 3 from all who shop via our webcatalog items in stock for more than Euro 69 (per shopping time - you can NOT add up from shopping several times). The prizes are Gift Certificates, 1st price value Euro 229, 2nd prize value Euro 115 and 3rd prize value Euro 57.50. Each time you buy for more than Euro 69.00 (excl. shippingcost) you will receive a lottery number that you must keep for the draw by the beginning of next month, your invoice must be paid in full and in case of prize tax you must pay this yourself. If you order for Euro 138 you get 2 lottery tickets, order for Euro 207 you get 3 lottery tickets and so on! This campaign is valid for Europe only! The draw will be the 10th the following month. In January 2016 we will draw a SUPER PRIZE among all lottery tickets for 2015 - 1 JANOME HORIZON sewing machine or equal! We have copies of all tickets so no-one will be missed:-)

Lapp-Elisa Quilts actual shop is open Thursday and Friday 11-17 - you are so welcome:-)